A sneak peek at CERN’S Open Source GN4124, Spartan 6 Wishbone based Core

-Tim Fairfield, Sr Fae Gennum Corp.

Well serious things have been happening at CERN,  you know those guys in EU, the ones who are smashing iron atoms together in order to study the secrets of the universe?! Well this is the second most important thing they have been working on (from my perspective anyway!) A while back they contacted us asking if we would mind them taking our IP and creating an open source IP core based on Wishbone architecture. Naturally we said yes. Basically they are implementing a hardware reference design based on FMC architecture and creating an IP core loosely based on our own GN4124 IP.

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The architecture for the IP itself is shown below.There is a control plane low speed Wishbone based path and the high speed transfer will be utilizing the FlexDMA engine.

Also this is a Spartan 6 based reference design (The GN4124 RDK is a Xilinx Spartan 3 design.) There are also plans for Altera modules as well.

I strongly suggest you check this one out if you are porting our Spartan 3 design to a Spartan 6 design.

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The progress on this design has been good. Hardware is now in the lab and the IP design testing has begin. They also have a Wiki page and you can sign up to follow the progress.





GN4124 HDL Core Code


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